How can I avoid becoming frail as I age?

Anthony Cirillo
Geriatric Medicine
Keeping yourself fit and healthy throughout your life is the best way to avoid being frail when you get older. A Columbia University research team found that three or more bodily systems functioning at abnormal levels was a predictor of which people would be frail in older age. They looked at such factors as anemia, inflammation, and fine motor speed. By itself, fine motor speed also predicted frailty, the study found. If people live long enough, it's likely they will become increasingly frail. But "it can be delayed," researchers say.

Much of it is rooted in unhealthy habits picked up in early and middle age -- "especially a lack of physical exercise, smoking and poor nutrition," according to the researchers.

How we take care of ourselves today will determine how we prosper (or not) in our older age. Take care of yourself and you will be better able to care for others and avoid frailty and worse later in life.

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