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How does taking Flomax affect cataract surgery?

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    During cataract surgery (for patients who have been taking alpha blockers e.g., Flomax) the iris may not properly dilate and even become prolapsed during the procedure. This is called, Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome (IFIS). There are a variety of methods for handling IFIS preoperatively and during the operation. The options do not always work equally well in all patients. The most important aspect of managing IFIS is being prepared. It is extremely important to review your medication list (even discontinued medications) with your physicians or other health care providers.
  • Flomax is the primary medication used in urologic conditions and it can impact the safety of cataract surgery.  Once the surgeon is aware of the use of Flomax by his/her patient, preventative steps can be taken to greatly reduce this risk.
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