Why should I know what’s normal for the penis?

It’s important for men to be knowledgeable about what’s normal for the penis and the role it plays in sexual satisfaction, so they can communicate with their healthcare providers, notice when there might be a problem, and feel comfortable discussing concerns or changes with a partner.

Likewise, partners need to feel comfortable communicating what they do or don’t enjoy about sex in relation to the penis. They also can greatly benefit, as can their sex life, when they develop comfort talking together about the penis, what’s normal (or not), and what feels good. Many partners are afraid of offending a man, for instance if she wants to use a dildo or try other types of stimulation, or else couples may feel uncomfortable talking about the penis in general, whether good or bad. Good information about the penis can help open up a healthy dialogue and make both partners feel more satisfied in and out of the bedroom.

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