What should I know to care for someone with lupus fog?

Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
Family Practitioner

When caring for someone with lupus fog, it's important to remember that the disorder impacts people cognitively and emotionally. Someone suffering from lupus fog may be upset easily by their inability to think clearly or remember the simplest of tasks. Sufferers will most likely be under extreme stress, causing the symptoms to become worse. Help them with what is necessary but also challenge them to focus and concentrate enough to complete tasks on their own. Reassure them and encourage them to relax as much possible. Be there to advise them and to reiterate what the doctor has told them regarding how to cope with the symptoms.

Debra Giusto
Pediatric Nursing Specialist

When a person with Lupus has an episode of "lupus fog" it is a very trying time for that person. During this "fog," a person might feel dizzy, have a mild headache, memory loss, find it difficult to concentrate, unable to focus and feel fatigued.

These episodes may come and go. They appear during times of stress or if the person lacks sleep or rest.

During these times it is best for the person to rest, drink fluids and eat well.

Reassure them that the fog is not permanent. It might be helpful if they can recognize what might have precipitated the episode and try to avoid those situations. Learning coping techniques to how decrease stress can be helpful.

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