What are some serious complications of respiratory problems?

Serious complications arising from respiratory problems are many and cause difficulty breathing, which will inhibit the body's ability to utilize oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. "Respiratory problems" is a broad term that covers an expansive list of maladies. The respiratory system includes the nasal passages, mouth and throat, larynx (voice  box), trachea, bronchi and lungs. There can be problems with any of these areas, some of which are mild, such as nasal allergies and colds. More severe problems can be emphysema, pneumonia, or even lung cancer.

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What lung disorders can cause chest pain?
HCA Houston Healthcare PearlandHCA Houston Healthcare Pearland
Lung disorders that can cause chest pain include: Pulmonary embolism - This cause of chest pain o...
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What increases my risk for respiratory disorders?
Univ. of Nev. School of Medicine, Family MedicineUniv. of Nev. School of Medicine, Family Medicine
You may be at higher risk for respiratory (lung) disease if you: smoke or are around secondhand ...
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Why is lung resection surgery performed?
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A lung resection is a surgical procedure to remove a damaged or diseased portion of a lung, or a...
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How can stretching exercises help people with lung diseases?
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Stretching exercises for people with lung diseases are designed to gently lengthen large muscle grou...
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