Fiber for Successful RealAging

Fiber for Successful RealAging

Recently, when we heard someone say, “It took every fiber of my being to not smash the TV when I listened to the news,” we thought of two things. First, meditation and exercise are great ways to dispel stress and anger. Second, a study from researchers in Australia shows just how great fiber is for your being! Seems it’s the key to aging successfully.

The researchers looked at the diet and health of 1,609 adults 49+ to see who was aging successfully. They defined successful aging as absence of disease, depression and cognitive and physical disability and the presence of good social engagement and mental health. Over 10 years, they found folks who had the highest fiber intake from foods such as whole grains and produce had the best odds of aging successfully. (They also found overloading on low-quality carbs like sugary sodas and processed and refined foods contributed to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. But you knew that.)

The best sources of fiber: Soluble fiber is found in dried beans, oats, barley, bananas, potatoes and soft parts of apples and pears. Insoluble fiber (indigestible) is in whole bran, whole grain products, nuts, corn, carrots, grapes, berries and peels of apples and pears. Together they help control your appetite, nurture your gut biome and help protect you from many serious conditions, including some cancers. So when the TV news challenges every fiber of your being, change the channel to the Doctor Oz Show, where you get great nutrition info for healthful aging.

Medically reviewed in March 2018.

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