America's Youngest and Oldest Cities 2014

America's Youngest and Oldest Cities 2014

Are you and other residents doing what it takes to put your city on the top cities list for staying young or growing old too fast? We analyzed RealAge Test data from more than 600,000 people living in 50 of the largest metropolitan areas to determine the Youngest & Oldest Cities in America ranking. Factors included things like cholesterol, blood pressure, nutrition habits, smoking, marital status, stress, sleep, social life, employment status and more. See if your city is one of this year's RealAge winners or losers. 

1. San Francisco, CA
2. Salt Lake City, UT
3. San Diego, CA
4. Denver, CO
5. Minneapolis, MN
6. Washington, DC/Baltimore, MD
7. Hartford, CT
8. Los Angeles, CA
9. Boston, MA
10. Sacramento, CA
11. Austin, TX
12. New York, NY
13. Raleigh, NC
14. Seattle, WA
15. Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
16. Chicago, IL
17. Portland, OR
18. Houston, TX
19. Atlanta, GA
20. Milwaukee, WI
21. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
22. Phoenix, AZ
23. Providence, RI
24. Charlotte, NC
25. Orlando, FL26. San Antonio, TX
27. Philadelphia, PA
28. Rochester, NY
29. Buffalo, NY
30. Virginia Beach, VA
31. Detroit, MI
32. Kansas City, MO
33. Cleveland, OH
34. Grand Rapids, MI
35. Oklahoma City, OK
36. Pittsburgh, PA
37. New Orleans, LA
38. Indianapolis, IN
39. Memphis, TN
40. Jacksonville, FL
41. Nashville, TN
42. Columbus, OH
43. Las Vegas, NV
44. St. Louis, MO
45. Cincinnati, OH
46. Greensboro, NC
47. Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL
48. Greenville, SC
49. Louisville, KY
50. Knoxville, TN

Medically reviewed in March 2018.


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America's Top 5 Youngest and Oldest Cities
America's Top 5 Youngest and Oldest CitiesAmerica's Top 5 Youngest and Oldest CitiesAmerica's Top 5 Youngest and Oldest CitiesAmerica's Top 5 Youngest and Oldest Cities
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