When is it a problem to be alone when I'm in pain?

Howard S. Smith
Pain Medicine
Granted, some people may intentionally avoid people because they simply don’t feel well. The problem arises when you spend too much time alone, which can be an indication of a greater problem - social isolation. I know you’re tired, irritable, and more than anything else, you hurt. On the one hand, you may be purposely avoiding some people or the problems you have in order to face each day. In that case, it’s easy to find your home a secure haven where you are not on display and where there are loved ones around to meet your needs. On the other hand, loss of desire to be with friends and decreased social support are common warning signs of depression. In that case, you may want to consider professional help. There’s always the chance some friends may be avoiding you, especially if you are constantly updating them on your pain and health situation. I’m sure your friends care deeply for you and want to know how you feel, but if all you talk about is your physical health, you may find the telephone ringing less and less as time passes.

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