Are there clinics specializing in pain management?

Moshe M. Lewis, MD
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Yes, pain management specialists like myself can frequently be found in Orthopedic offices and sometimes in stand alone clinics. Typically we offer a wide range of treatment options, some of which do not involve medications or procedures. Clinics that combine the best of conservative, alternative and interventional options to their patients allow for a customized approach to pain management which by definition is multi-faceted.
There are doctors and medical clinics that specialize in pain management. These clinics are specialized to treat pain in people with a variety of conditions. For patients on methadone, an emergency department or the hospital will usually confirm the dose with the clinic. You should talk to your clinic doctor about what you would need to do in case of a medical emergency. For example, ask your clinic: How does the treatment get continued in the hospital? and What phone number does the hospital need to call to confirm my husband's dose?   Hospitals are very concerned about controlling a patient's pain level while in the hospital.

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