What should I do to cope with osteoarthritis?

Diana Meeks
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Osteoarthritis is a debilitating condition and can be difficult to cope with. You need all the help you can get. To cope with your osteoarthritis, start with a visit to your doctor to discuss treatment that’s right for you. Here are some additional things you can do to cope:

  • Take your medications on time and follow your doctor's directions.
  • Use family and friends as support.
  • Exercise and find time to rest.
  • Reduce stress through relaxation, music, massage, yoga and getting enough sleep.
  • See a social worker or counselor.
  • Share your concerns with a support group of people who have arthritis too.
  • Keep a pain journal to document your symptoms or yourself and your doctor.
  • Stay educated about your condition.
  • Consider buying gadgets like jar openers and zipper pulls to make everyday tasks easier.
  • Make adjustments to furniture and fixtures, to make it easier and safer for you to get around the home and take care of everyday tasks without assistance. Move furniture to create plenty of space to walk around a room, keep lamp cords tucked away, make sure rooms and stairways are well-lit, and add back and neck supports to chairs, the sofa and the bed.
  • Install a raised toilet seat, replace the tub with a walk-in model or with a shower stall, and add handrails on the staircase or in the bathroom.

Daily management of osteoarthritis requires reducing strain on the affected joint and managing pain and inflammation. Ways to reduce strain include keeping your weight at a healthy level, using supportive devices such as a cane, brace or shoe inserts; and taking breaks throughout the day to rest the affected joint. Pain and inflammation can be managed with acupuncture or massage and applications of heating pad and ice packs on the inflamed joint. You might also try topical creams that have pain relieving medications. Finally, a doctor may also recommend over-the-counter or possibly prescription drugs to help with the pain and swelling on a daily basis.

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