Where can I get information and support for my diabetes?

One place to start learning to manage your diabetes is the American Diabetes Association (ADA).  ADA can tell you about support and educational groups that you can attend. By participating in these groups, you can meet other people with diabetes and health care professionals. Whether you are seeking more information or want to talk to people who share your experiences, a support group may be just the thing. You may be able to find a diabetes care partner, and you can support each other.
In addition to education and support groups, ADA can mail you a packet of information on request. They can also answer any questions you may have about the disease or some of the practical issues in managing diabetes: health care, health insurance, and referrals. They also have books, magazines, and publications available that may help. Visit www.diabetes.org or call 1-800-DIABETES (342-2383) to get started.