What strength exercises can I do while standing after cancer surgery?

The strength exercises below are to be performed after cancer treatment or a couple of weeks after cancer surgery:
  • Cane Pull: Place a hand on each end of a cane and position the cane or yardstick behind your back, parallel to the floor. Pull the cane from side to side. Now place the cane behind your neck and pull from side to side.
  • Back Dry: Grab each end of a towel and move your arms as if you were drying your back. Reverse your hand positions to make your other arm the higher one and repeat.
  • Finger Walk: Stand facing a wall and place one hand on the wall about waist high. "Walk" your first two fingers up the wall as high as you can while inhaling. Walk your fingers back down the wall to the starting position while exhaling. Change hands and repeat the exercise. Repeat. This exercise can be done in a chair

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