What exercises can seniors do to help with arthritis?

Alexis Abramson
There is no doubt that joint-jarring activities like aerobics and kickboxing are giving way to gentler pursuits for people, like you, who have a chronic condition. In your case I suggest you look into pilates, yoga, tai chi, elliptical trainers and exercise bikes. Whatever you choose – keep exercising regularly! With heart disease, cancer and strokes serving as the leading causes of death for mature adults, staying physically active not only helps to prevent many illnesses, it can improve the health of people who already have debilitating diseases or disabilities. Just a reminder, make sure you check with your physician before you begin any new exercise routine.

Exercise can be beneficial for those with arthritis, as long as the exercise done right. Below are some tips:

Things to avoid:

  • Early morning exercise. Those with Rheumatoid arthritis often
    have early morning stiffness.
  • Avoid end ranges of motion or extreme ranges of motion
  • If any movement causes moderate pain in a joint, stop
    immediately and regress or change exercise

Things to try:

  • Keep exercise sessions short 20-30 minutes.
  • Use circuit training (to give body parts a rest between exercises)
  • Keep exercise at a lower intensity and lower repetitions
  • Use thera-bands or cuffs when possible to avoid gripping
  • Warm water aquatic exercise may be the best environment to
    exercise in.

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