Why should ADHD be thought of as a gift?

People of all ages who have the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can reliably be observed to share a set of positive traits, including creativity, exuberance, emotional expressiveness, interpersonal intuition, ecological consciousness and leadership.

The description of "ADHD" without the "gift" added to it contributes to people believing they have a disorder that is negative and confusing, leaving them feeling that they are not in control of their behavior, their thoughts or how their lives will turn out. This negative and demeaning mindset can become a self-fulfilling prophesy or even an excuse for not showing motivation to excel.

Imagine kids' self-talk after a diagnosis of ADHD being, "I have a gift to use" vs. "I have a disorder." The way to resolve the confusion is to recognize that ADHD is truly a gift that can be used in so many positive ways by children, teachers and parents. The intervention by professionals is to help people see it and treat it as a "gift."

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