How can I connect with others if I have adult ADD?

As an adult with attention deficit disorder (ADD), in some ways you see others so clearly because you connect very easily with them. You are like a pioneer in intimacy, forging new depths where others are content with more superficial stopping points. You reveal thoughts, emotions, delights, and concerns openly -- and make others comfortable doing the same with you. You read others so well both because you can and because you want to. However, when your insights are consistently invalidated or you lack skill in handling your ability, you may lose sight of your core desire to connect.

A key strategy for turning this around is simply to remind yourself of your ability, need, and desire to connect deeply with others. In some ways, the reason you see phoniness in others is because you see so deeply. Like a sonar instrument reading the depths, your strong interpersonal intuition goes deep, thus increasing your chances of finding what others might choose not to reveal. If you can keep your desire to connect in mind, this gift can be used to heal relationships, not just as an excuse for leaving them.

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