How can I benefit from the intuition of my partner who has ADD?

Interpersonal intuition means that sometimes when your attention deficit disorder (ADD) partner is not listening to you they are distracted by tuning into your underlying emotional state or unspoken issues you are dealing with. When you are talking about a great victory you want to talk about, your partner might come back to you with a statement of how afraid you are. It may seem to make no sense and it may irritate you out of your wits.

Here are some quick tips for handling interpersonal intuition:
  • Don't argue with it, validate but indicate that is not your point. For example, "You're right I'm always a little anxious, and it's still important for you to listen to my recent success."
  • If you have any interest in exploring it deeper you might say, "you're usually so good at reading people like a book, what do you think I'm so afraid of?"
  • If you think your partner is off the mark completely you can still maintain good will by saying something like, "you are so good at reading people, it's a great gift of yours, but this time you're a little off the mark."
William Stillman
Health Education

As a highly-intuitive person myself, I find that my single greatest frustration is those who disbelieve me or openly express skepticism in ways that I interpret as ridicule. It is frustrating because when I communicate something intuitive, I'm usually right! In fact, I've had countless people follow up with me, after the fact, to tell me of shedding their skepticism now that what I predicted came to fruition. They have become believers!

What I'm trying to explain is that probably the most important thing you can do to benefit from your partner's intuition is to, first, believe them; and, second, trust in them. Trust that they are doing the best they know how to with the information they are "receiving." 

Your partner's intuition will not "rub off" or gravitate into you by osmosis; that's not an authentic reason to want to "benefit" from their gifts. But, if you are supportive in allowing your partner to guide you, you can become better attuned yourself. Perhaps you've already experienced fleeting moments of this special alignment if you've texted or called each other in the same moment about the same topic; if you've enjoyed sexual release simultaneously; or if you've laughed together at an "inside joke" in the same moment without saying a word to one another.

Supporting (and collaborating with) your partner regarding their intuition can lead to an expansion of those fleeting times of alignment, which may also lead to a braiding or conjoinment of your respective emotional hearts as the relationship progresses.  

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