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How does cirrhosis affect the body?

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  • Cirrhosis can affect the body in several ways. The scar tissue makes blood flow difficult. That can cause high blood pressure in the vein between the liver and intestines, which in turn causes a risk of internal bleeding in the gastrointestinal track. People with cirrhosis are also at a higher risk for liver cancer. Because the liver is damaged, cirrhosis can cause an increase of toxins in the blood, which can lead to mental problems such as memory loss.

  • With repeated injury over time the liver becomes unable to function properly and scarring develops. This is known as cirrhosis of the liver.

    As cirrhosis worsens, almost all liver function is lost and the organ becomes harder and smaller. In the absence of a healthy liver, fluid accumulates in the abdomen and legs. Bile salts can build up in the skin, causing itching and jaundice. Bleeding from large veins in the esophagus and GI tract may occur. Toxins can accumulate in the blood, resulting in mental slowing and confusion.
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