What are some types of intra-arterial therapy for treating liver cancer?

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Specific types of intra-arterial therapy include transarterial chemo embolization (TACE), drug-eluting beads and Yttrium-90 microspheres. Using the TACE procedure, your doctor delivers chemotherapy directly to the tumor, which spares you from experiencing many of the traditional side effects of chemotherapy delivered to the entire body. After chemotherapy, your doctor will cut off the blood supply to the tumors.
When necessary, doctors will repeat the TACE procedure to help kill the tumor. Using the drug-eluting beads procedure, your doctor delivers chemotherapy to the liver tumor by sending medicine-filled beads through a catheter into the tumor. The beads release the medication slowly, which destroys the tumor over a long period of time. Using Yttrium-90 microspheres, your doctor delivers spheres with low levels of radioactivity directly to the liver tumor. The radioactivity kills the tumor directly, but does not subject your body to other side effects.

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