Do plastic surgeons work with other specialists?

Tara Whitworth
Plastic surgeons often work with other specialists, such as general surgeons, dermatologists, aestheticians, neurosurgeons, and opthalmologists.
Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgery

In general, plastic surgeons do work with other specialists. I work concurrently with general surgeons when performing large abdominoplasties concurrently with hernia repairs. Often patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery may have an increased incidence of incision or epigastric hernias that can be repaired by the general surgeon at the same time as the abdominoplasty. We also work with other specialists including internal medicine physicians and other healthy related specialists including cardiologists, urologists, pediatricians, orthopaedic and neurosurgeons. Several types of craniofacial reconstructions require both neurosurgeons and plastic and reconstructive surgeons to reconstrcut the skull or cranium after neurosurgical decompression.

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