How can I decrease tension in my quadriceps?

Mike Elliott
As explained by NASM, foam rolling is a great way to reduce tension in the quadriceps.  The most important thing to remember when foam rolling is to spend time on the most tender areas of the muscle.  30-90 seconds is a good rule, but you can also take a different approach.  If you find a tender area, this is the part of the muscle that is bound up and may the source of the tightness or tension.  Try resting on these tender areas until the pain/sensitivity has been cut in half.  This means that the muscle has relaxed and its time to move on to the next tender spot.  Foam rolling before and after activity is a good way to make progress in achieving improved flexibility.  As an adjuct, you may even want to add some activation exercise for the glutes such as body weight squats, lunges, and hops.  getting those glutes working will also help reduce stiffness in the quads.
A great way to reduce tension in the quadriceps (front of the thighs) is to perform the front of thigh foam roll technique. This technique helps to reduce the sensitivity of tender spots in the muscles and improve range of motion at the hips and knees. Here is how to do it: lie on your stomach with a foam roll under the front of your thigh and your upper body supported on your forearms. Slowly roll the front of your thigh while searching for any tender areas. Once found, apply pressure on the tender spots for 30-90 seconds.

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