What is a good exercise I can do to tone my legs?

There are several good exercises you can do to tone your legs. Probably, the single best exercise you can do you for your legs is the squat. The squat will hit every major muscle in your legs and most of the muscles of your upper body as well. To perform a squat place a bar with the proper amount of weight behind your neck on your upper back and stand with your core engaged and spine in neutral alignment, keep your feet pointed straight ahead with your shin in line with the 2nd and 3rd toes of the foot. As you squat down sit back as if sitting down into a chair, and squat to roughly chair height, while keeping your torso upright and spine neutral. As you stand up exhale forcefully while keeping the core tightly engaged. If you’re new to lifting start with light weight and stay with 12-15 repetitions per set for three sets. As you get stronger gradually increase the weight and decrease the repetitions until you work in the 3-7 repetition range.  

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