What are the risks of LAP-BAND surgery?

The LAP-BAND procedure is minimally invasive, but it does come with some risks. In this video, bariatric surgeon Neil McDevitt, MD, of Trident Medical Center explains those risks, their causes and how to avoid and treat them if they do occur.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (Lap-Band) surgery, a weight-loss surgery, comprises an inflatable band that is used to create a smaller stomach pouch to limit food intake and reduce appetite. It has been approved in the United States since 2002 and offers the advantage of being less invasive than other weight-loss surgeries and being associated with fewer short-term complications. But in nations where the Lap-Band gained favor in the 1990s, long-term problems have become apparent: The devices often eventually need to be replaced, and they can cause scarring in the hiatal region of the esophagus. In about 20% of people, this surgery works very well, but there is no standard way of knowing who will benefit. The device can do damage while it’s in, and when it comes out, people tend to gain weight back rapidly. In addition, other weight-loss surgeries have a much higher complication rate if a person has previously had the Lap-Band.

Curtis L. Peery, MD
Lap band procedures have been performed for a good twenty years and complications are unusual --  but not unheard of. Watch this video with Dr. Curtis Peery of Sanford Health to learn about rare post-surgery problems associated with lap band surgery.

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