How can I make my home safe for knee replacement recovery?

Travis M. Hendry, MD
Orthopedic Surgery

While you're recovering from knee replacement surgery, you'll need to be careful about reaching and falling. Look for places in your home that could cause problems. Have someone help make your home safer by doing these things:

  • Make sure your chairs and couches are easy to get into and out of. Add pillows to low chairs if necessary.
  • Remove tripping hazards. Repair loose carpet and floor boards. Remove throw rugs, electrical cords, and anything you could trip over. If you have a small pet, put a bell on its collar, so you'll always know if it's underfoot.
  • Make sure you'll have space to move around easily. If necessary, move furniture so you'll have spaces wide enough for a walker. Install handrails along stairways. Store often-used items within easy reach.
  • Prepare the bathroom and kitchen so you don't slip. Get a shower or bath chair with non-slip pads. Install a handrail in the bathroom.

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