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What exercises can I do after knee replacement surgery?

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  • The most important exercise to do after knee replacement surgery are range-of-motion exercises. Aim for at least 120 degrees of full extension with active range of motion. After that, you can begin resuming normal strengthening exercises.
  • Doing leg exercises will help you recover after total knee replacement surgery. Because they strengthen the muscles that support your knee, they can also prevent knee damage. Do the following exercises with both your legs exactly as your doctor instructs. Do the best you can without getting to the point of severe pain.

    Heel slides
    Lie on your back with your legs straight.
    Slide your heel up toward your buttocks.
    Return to starting position.

    Quad sets
    Lie or sit with your leg extended.
    Tighten the quad muscles above your knee on the front of your thigh.
    Try to push the back of your knee downward.
    Hold this position for __ seconds.

    Ankle pumps
    Sit or lie down with your operated knee at 45 degrees.
    Move your foot up and down as shown.

    Leg raise
    Lie on your back with your non-operated knee bent.
    Keep your other leg straight and raise it up in line with the thigh of your bent leg.
    Hold this position for __ seconds.
    Return to the starting position.

    Roll leg in and out
    Lie on your back with your legs straight in front of you.
    Rotate one leg at the hip so your toes point outward.
    Return to starting position.

    Heel raise and toe raises
    Stand up using a counter for balance.
    Raise up on your toes as high as you can. Return to starting position and repeat.
    Next put your weight on your heels and raise your toes. Return to starting position and repeat.

    Chair sit to stand
    Stand holding onto a counter, with a chair behind you.
    Lean forward slightly as you bend your knees and lower your buttocks toward the chair, as if you are going to sit down.
    Before you touch the chair, stand up to full upright position.

    Standing balance with stride
    Stand with your feet together with one foot slightly in front of your other foot. Maintain your balance.
    Repeat with the opposite foot in front.
    Do this with:
    • open eyes
    • in a darkened room
    • closed eyes
    Heel to toe walk
    Start in a standing position.
    Step placing one foot directly in front of your other foot.
    Continue taking steps one foot in front of the other.

    Forward lunge
    Stand with feet together and then step forward, keeping your trunk vertical.
    Push back up to your starting position.
    Repeat the lunge with your other leg.
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  • Physicians work with specific health care professionals following surgery. They have protocols in place for formal physical therapy and post therapy reconditioning. Results from joint replacements are getting better all the time and so being active is common. You should ask your doctor what phase of recovery you are in and what exercise limitations as well as recommendations he has for you in particular.



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    Exercises you can do after knee replacement surgery include:

    Sitting knee bends: Sit in a chair with a towel under the operated knee. Straighten your knee as far as possible and hold for five seconds. Repeat 10 times. Gradually work up to 25 repetitions.

    Standing knee bends: Hold on to a steady surface such as a table. Bend your operated knee back as far as it will go. Hold for five seconds, then lower the leg to the floor. Repeat 10 times. Gradually work up to 25 repetitions.
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