Why is bullying such a big deal today?

Back in the day, there were bullies but they were mostly confined to a smaller geographic area. There were few opportunities to travel far and wide and certainly no technology to reach people far away. As well, families were more connected and larger. If you were a bully, someone's big brother(s) would give you a beating and you learned quickly that there was no benefit to being a bully.

Today, it's a much bigger deal because:

  • the media reports it to our dinner tables every day. It seems more prevalent.
  • technology gives bullies a huge audience.
  • bullies can also remain anonymous and therefore free from any retribution at all.
  • families are smaller and more mobile so that there is far less immediate support for each other. People are and feel more alone and isolated.
  • consequences of bullying are more dire.

A few days ago in the news, a 12 year-old boy committed suicide because of being bullied. Unfortunately, his story won't have been the only one this week. If authorities can find evidence of the bullies' activities and link it to his suicide, they may be able to charge the offenders under the law. Much worse than having someone's big brother hand out a black eye! The impact and consequences of bullying today are far more severe. The prevalence and awareness of these incidents is much greater. Bullying destroys people and erodes society. Therefore, bullying is a big deal.

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