How can I help my child to stop wetting the bed?

Following are things that can be done to help stop your child from wetting the bed.

  • Have them drink more during the day, around six to eight glasses of water, and stop drinking one to two hours before they go to sleep.
  • Avoid drinks with caffeine like tea, coffee and some fizzy drinks, as they can make children urinate more.
  • If there are other drinks that you know make your child urinate a lot, try to avoid them too, especially late in the day.
  • Have your child get into the habit of going to the toilet regularly during the day and as last thing before turning the lights out and going to sleep.
  • If your child is scared to get up in the night because of the dark, or if the bathroom is too far from the bedroom, you can always leave a light on or put a flashlight by his or her bed.
  • Having a bucket in your child's bedroom can help.
  • It may help to have bedding protection and disposable protection underwear, especially for things like a school trip.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiologist (Heart Specialist)

When children wet the bed, it's generally because their bladders are still growing, but that doesn't mean there's no way to stop it from happening. In this video, Dr. Oz and Dr. Tanya Altmann discuss how parents can curb their children's bedwetting.

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