Can prerenal acute renal failure be prevented?

Preventing prerenal acute renal failure is complicated because it can be caused by a number of things that may or may not be preventable. In general, follow good general health habits that include a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. If you have a medical condition that may lead to kidney failure, such as a heart or blood disease, make sure you follow your doctor's advice for managing or treating that condition. Stay hydrated, and be mindful of things like blood pressure that may affect your kidneys. Take drugs only as directed, including over-the-counter drugs. Make sure you talk to your doctor if you develop any symptoms that you think may be caused by prerenal acute renal failure, since early treatment often leads to a full recovery.
Kynthia James
Critical Care Nursing

Prerenal failure is a rapid decline in renal function. There are so many different causes of renal failure including: blood loss, excess urination, heart failure, embolism, and shock. The key to preventing renal failure can be complicated because there is so many different caused of the failure. Some of the things that you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle may prevent some of the complications that cause renal failure. It is important that you follow a balance diet and exercise. There is no magic cure but living a healthy lifestyle can assist you in preventing many of these possible causes of prerenal failure.

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