Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer

What are the treatment options for stage 1 kidney cancer?

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  • Because stage 1 kidney cancer hasn't yet spread throughout the body, treatment options usually focus on localized treatment. The most common treatment for stage 1 kidney cancer is surgery. Since tumors caused by stage 1 cancer are usually still small, doctors may perform a partial nephrectomy. This type of surgery involves removing only the tumor and a small part of the surrounding tissue. In some cases, doctors may perform a simple nephrectomy, which involves removing the entire kidney. Generally, stage 1 kidney cancer doesn't require the removal of any lymph nodes or the adrenal glands since it hasn't yet spread.

    If surgery is too risky, doctors may perform other procedures, including arterial embolization, which involves blocking the blood flow to your kidney in order to shrink the tumor. Other treatment options, like cryoablation (using a needle to freeze cancer cells) or radiofrequency ablation (using an electric current through a needle to kill cancer cells), may be recommended. Talk with your doctor to determine what treatment options are best for you.

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