Is the IUD safe for women over 40?

Dr. Tyler S. Carroll, MD
Family Practitioner

In general, intrauterine devices (IUDs) are considered safe for women over 40 and offer a strong choice for long term, highly effective contraception and, possibly, menstrual improvement. As with other women, the safest and best candidates are in long term monogamous relationships and have had vaginal deliveries. Again, as with other women, the greatest risks of IUDs are infection (mostly in women who get an STD while IUD is in place), bleeding and uterine puncture (rare complication at time of insertion). These risks are not greater in women over 40. IUDs are often a superior choice of contraception for women over 40.

The IUD (intrauterine device) is generally safe for women over 40 as well as other age groups. Personal health history may change it's safety, so women who are good candidates should discuss this with their healthcare provider.

An IUD is safe for women over 40, who are still menstruating and need contraception. However, those with fibroids may not make good IUD candidates.

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