Is it safe to take over-the-counter meds to treat the symptoms of IBS?

Yes, there are several medications that can help with the symptoms of IBS that you can obtain over the counter. It depends to some extent on the type of IBS you have. For IBS with alternating constipation and diarrhea, fiber supplementation and probiotics can be good alternatives. For constipation predominant IBS, ethylene glycol (Miralax) can help with symptoms. For diarrhea predominant IBS, loperimide (Imodium) can help with symptoms.
Lisa Ganjhu, DO

There’s no magic pill to alleviate the symptoms of IBS, but there’s a host of other options. Watch this video to see gastroenterologist Dr. Lisa Ganjhu’s top drugstore choices. (Hint: peppermint oil.)

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Is It Safe to Take Over-The-Counter Meds to Treat the Symptoms of IBS?
Is It Safe to Take Over-The-Counter Meds to Treat the Symptoms of IBS?
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