Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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If you struggle with irritable bowel syndrome, ease your symptoms with our Action Plans.

Checklist of Top IBS Signs Alternative Remedies for IBS 20 Ways to Beat Bloat 20 Tips for Abdominal Pain Check Your Abdominal Pain Symptoms

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Healthy Tip

Healthy Tip

A Home Remedy for IBS that Works

Peppermint oil and tea have been used to soothe stomach pain for centuries, now science says it works -- and capsules work even better.

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Should I Go Gluten-Free?

Take this test to determine whether gluten sensitivity or celiac disease could be behind your IBS symptoms.

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Assess Your Gastrointestinal Health

The symptoms of IBS can mimic and interact with those of many other health conditions; here's how to hear what your body is saying.

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