How can parents raise a child's IQ?

Michele Borba
These four steps can help to improve your child's IQ:

Talk to your child. (And talk and talk and talk). One of the strongest correlations to IQ is a strong verbal ability. The best way to nurture your child’s verbal skills is by just plain talking and talking and talking to them.

Focus on your child. Researchers contend that eldest children generally have higher self-esteem. They have stronger confidence and some of that is because they spend more uninterrupted time with us.

Treat your child as capable. We give our elder kids more responsibilities and we just plain expect more of them at a younger age. How you are treated does become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let your child tutor his younger sibling. The eldest child has another benefit: he has a younger sibling to help. In fact, in many cases, the oldest child gains the most (IQ wise anyway) from teaching his younger brother.

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