How can my insulin injection schedule fine tune my blood glucose control?

The more often you inject insulin, the more opportunities you have to fine-tune your control. You also have more freedom and flexibility with your schedule and food choices. One such plan uses three or four shots a day. A common example is to take rapid-acting insulin before all meals. The dose is based on the carbohydrates eaten at that meal. A long-acting insulin provide the basal dose of insulin.

The injections of rapid-acting insulin provide the bolus for the three meals. To make this plan work for you, you need to monitor your blood frequently. Then you can adjust the amounts of rapid-acting or regular insulin given before each meal to:
• cover the carbohydrates in your meal;
• lower a high blood glucose level not sufficiently lowered by the previous rapid-acting injection;
• anticipate the rise in blood glucose caused by the next meal.

The goal is to keep your blood glucose levels within your target range.

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