How should I inject myself with insulin?

You need to inject insulin just below the skin, into the fat layer -- not into a muscle or a blood vessel. This makes sure that the insulin works in the right way in your body. Here are the basic steps for injecting insulin:

1. Choose the place on your body where you will inject the insulin. This area is called the injection site.
2. Make sure the area is clean. If it isn't, wash it with soap and water. As a general rule, don't use alcohol to clean the site. This dries and toughens the skin. Of course, if you're camping or someplace where you can't wash, it's okay to use an alcohol swab.
3. Lift up (pinch) about an inch of the skin and fat tissue with your thumb and fingers.
4. Holding the syringe like a pencil, touch the needle to the skin, then push it into the skin. Push it straight in, not at an angle -- and make sure the needle is in all the way. You might feel a sting.
5. Once the needle is in the skin, let go of the pinch of skin.
6. Push the plunger of the syringe down slowly and steadily, all the way.
7. When the plunger is all the way down, count to 5 slowly before removing the needle. This helps prevent insulin from leaking out of the site.
8. Press your finger over the site for a few seconds. This helps stop any bleeding that can happen when you pull out the needle.

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