How does laparoscopy help in infertility treatment?

A laparoscopy serves two purposes during infertility treatment:

  • to help diagnose the cause of infertility in an individual, and
  • to perform any number of surgeries that can greatly increase the chances of future pregnancy.

A laparoscopy is a "minimally invasive" surgical procedure. The surgeon makes a few small incisions in the abdomen and inserts a thin tube (laparoscope) through the abdominal wall. The laparoscope contains a light source and a video source, allowing the surgeon to see the structures within the abdominal cavity.

Here's an example of how a laparoscopy can be used to treat infertility. Based on your reproductive history and examination, your doctor may suspect you have a blocked fallopian tube. By performing a laparoscopy your doctor can confirm this suspicion, evaluate the extent of the damage, and either repair the tube or remove it if it is ruptured or damaged beyond repair.

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