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What can cause my child to get a rash after a fever?

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    These symptoms are quite suggestive of a classic childhood viral infection known as roseola. Fever (temperature often 102°F [39°C] or higher) without any other symptoms can leave parents and pediatricians alike looking for  answers. After about 3 days, the answer usually becomes quite clear as the fever resolves and is followed within a day or so by a telltale roseola rash. By the time the rash appears, children are no longer contagious and can  return--rash and all--to normal activities (eg, preschool, mommy-and-me  class).
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    Roseola is the most common infection to cause a rash after a fever.  Roseola is a viral infection.  This is a common infection for infants and toddlers. It usually causes a high fever that goes up and down for 3 days.  About the time the fever breaks a rash of red spots appears on the trunk and spreads to other parts of the body.  The rash lasts for a few days and then goes away.  Other viruses can also cause a rash after a fever.
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