What should I do if my child is diagnosed with an allergy?

If your child is diagnosed with an allergy, your healthcare provider should give you instructions on helping your child avoid triggers, as well as how to treat reactions. If your child suffers any severe allergic reaction—such as anaphylactic shock or asthma that causes shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, or any other extreme discomfort—you should seek medical attention immediately.

Your healthcare provider may also prescribe medications, recommend over-the-counter remedies or suggest allergy shots or injections. Although there is no cure for allergies, treatments can provide varying degrees of relief from allergy symptoms.

There are a number of different things you might do if your child is diagnosed with an allergy. For example, if your child is allergic to a food that, if eaten, causes a severe reaction (difficulty breathiing, throat swelling), not only should there be an EpiPen close by but the child and everyone else in the family should avoid eating that specific food. If your child has a severe allergy to cats your family most likely cannot have cats as pets. This depends on how severe your child's allergy is and if his or her symptoms can be well controlled with medication if your family is unable to make lifestyle modifications first. If your child's allergies are mild, he or she may only need to be on an antihistamine, and significant lifestyle modifications may not be needed.


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