Are there alternative treatments for impetigo?

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  • A number of alternative treatment options exist for impetigo. One option is Chinese medicine, where doctors use an herb to counterbalance what they feel is the cause: a weak stomach and dampness in the body. Other possible home remedies include taking Goldenseal tablets or zinc supplements, or applying olive oil, tea tree oil, or myrrh oil to the infected areas. It is always wise, though, to get specific instructions on alternative treatments.

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    There has been little research on the use of alternative treatments for impetigo, a skin infection caused by bacteria. One study found that a lotion made from black tea treated impetigo as effectively as antibiotic therapy. However, the study was small and not well designed, so it's still not clear that tea treatments will help. Washing regularly with soap and water can help to keep skin healthy and prevent infections. Always check with your doctor before trying any alternative treatments.
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