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What will my breasts look like if I lose a lot of weight?

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    After a major weight loss, excessive skin can be an issue. Watch as Dr. Oz and Dr. Stuart Linder discuss one woman's journey through lap band surgery, weight loss, and breast reduction.

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    For women that lose a large amount of weight, the breast may become quite lax with severe heaviness associated with them. In the case of Becky, as we presented on the Dr. Oz show, after over 150 pound weight loss, she had severe grade III ptosis requiring a full breast lift. When nipple-areolar complex are greater than 3 cm below the infra-mammary fold, the correct breast lift requires the anchor scar or wise pattern mastopexy. Skin must be removed around the areolar to raise it up to the normal position. Skin is also removed both vertically and along the infra-mammary fold to tighten both of these dimensions. As eloquently discussed by Dr. Oz, the suspensory ligaments of Cooper can no longer maintain the tightening effect of the breast after massive weight loss thereby an external skin tightening procedure becomes necessary. Only Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons should perform any form of breast lift or Mastopexy. 

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