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How does smoking affect my skin health?

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    Smoking is a detriment for good skin health. The chemicals in cigarettes restrict blood flow to the skin, resulting in depletion of key nutrients, and an increased likelihood of wrinkles.
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    Dr. Anne Chapas - How does smoking affect my skin health?

    Watch as board certified dermatologist Dr. Anne Chapas discusses how smoking can affect your skin health.

  • Smoking actually has a significant impact on your skin's health. Not only does it rob your skin of substances it needs, such as vitamin A and oxygen, but it also lessens the amount of blood that reaches the topmost layers of skin. Smoking seems to cause the skin to age faster. Normally, the skin contains a lot of collagen and elastin, which are types of fiber that allow the skin to stretch and be strong. Although collagen and elastin decrease as people age, smoking apparently destroys these fibers much more quickly, resulting in wrinkles and older-looking skin. Smoking also appears to raise the chances of getting some forms of skin cancer, psoriasis, and autoimmune disorders like discoid lupus erythematosus.
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