Can meditation bring me peace?

Yogi Cameron Alborzian
Alternative & Complementary Medicine

If left to its own devices, our mind will create disturbances throughout our life. What would happen if you called a friend and they didn't call you back for several days even though they usually get back to you within hours?  Over the course of these days, you might start to speculate on why they haven't called. Perhaps they're not interested in talking to you because of something you said or did. Or perhaps they feel they're too busy to make you a priority. Or perhaps it's because they no longer like you. Then, those several days later, you find out that the friend wasn't getting any calls because they lost their phone and didn't have access to email. Then you feel relieved and perhaps a little bad for them losing their phone. You experienced distress because, quite simply, your mind created a story about something that wasn't even true.

This is the work of the mind. It is committed to creating stories to strengthen and nourish your ego ("am I no longer good enough for my friend?"), even though neither your mind nor your ego are actually who you are. In contrast, meditation (and the very many steps to be taken before attaining a meditative state--like concentration) allows us to let go of the thoughts that otherwise allow the mind to reign freely over us and keep us from experiencing the peace that each of us has the potential to uncover within ourselves. Meditation allows us to master our mind, so that when we do experience a delayed return call, we no longer experience distress as a result.

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