What are auto-immune diseases?

Jacob Teitelbaum
Integrative Medicine
Our body's immune/defense system is trained to tell what is not a part of our body and to attack it. Unfortunately, with over 80,000 chemicals now being added to the environment without any significant safety testing, our body's defense systems are being overwhelmed and confused. When this happens, it can mistake a part of our body for an outside invader and attack it. This is what autoimmune illness is.

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Immune & Lymphatic System Disorders

The lymphatic system is a key part of the immune system, draining excess fluid from bodily tissues and organs and disseminating white blood cells to fight infection. The white blood cells fight infection in the spleen and special ...

vessels throughout the body called lymph nodes. If your immune system becomes compromised, the lymphatic system wont be able to work properly, causing swelling from a buildup of fluid in parts of the body. Disorders of the lymphatic system include elephantiasis, a swelling of body parts caused by a filarial worm infestation, and lymphedema, a swelling in the arms or legs caused by lymph nodes or lymph vessels disturbed by surgery for breast or prostate cancer. Medication, massage therapy and compression garments can help.

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