What are warning signs that my child is using drugs?

Some of the signs that a child is using drugs include the following:
  • changes in eating habits
  • unexplained weight gain or loss
  • change in sleep cycles
  • hyperactivity or being very talkative
  • uncharacteristic changes in mood or personality, such as depression or anxiety
  • being dishonest; a pattern of lies
  • loss of interest in family
  • being overly secretive
  • significant change in school attendance and grades
  • truancy
  • unaccountable money from unexplained sources of income
  • unexplained loss of money
  • things go missing from the home such as money, jewelry, prescription drugs (pills missing from the medicine cabinet at home or relatives' or friends' houses)
  • dramatic changes in friendships, such as having new friends or multiple sets of friends
  • deterioration in appearance as attention to personal grooming lessens and the focus is on getting drugs or alcohol

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