How can my family prepare in case my child has hypoglycemia or low glucose?

Hypoglycemia is a risk that comes with using insulin and can't always be prevented. Be sure to talk with your diabetes care team (D-team) about what to do in a serious hypoglycemia or low blood glucose (BG) emergency.

The key is to be prepared for both mild and severe lows.

Sit down and plan what everyone in the family can do during a low BG emergency. Encourage your child with diabetes to take the lead on this discussion. Here are some questions to discuss:
  • What are the signs of a low BG?
  • What are fast-acting sugars and where are they kept?
  • Who needs to learn how to administer glucagon?
  • Where is the glucagon kit? Is it somewhere anyone can get to?
  • In an emergency, who will administer glucagon, who will call 911?
  • What's the back-up plan in case Mom or Dad is not home?
Do a practice run (like a fire drill) of what to do during a low BG emergency:
  • Practice how to administer glucagon with a toy syringe.
  • Time how fast a family member can get the glucagon or fast-acting sugar to you for your child with diabetes.
  • Life is always changing so update the plan every six months to make sure it still works for you and your family. Don't forget to do a practice run with the updated plan!
Teach dos and don'ts during a severe low BG emergency:
  • DO call 911.
  • DO give glucagon, as directed by the D-team.
  • Do NOT inject insulin.
  • Do NOT give food, fluids or put anything in the mouth that your child could choke on.

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