What is public anger?

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  • Public anger is the kind of anger that is collectively directed toward an institution. This is the kind of anger we express when we vote to attempt to correct what we think is wrong with our country.

    If there were no public anger, there might still be slaves and white men might be the only ones with the right to vote. Indeed, there might not even been a United States.

    Anger has enormous power to create social change.

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    Public anger is the collective anger of citizens or large groups of people that come together for a common cause. This type of anger has led to riots, protests, marches, public outcry, etc. Public anger occurs when people feel that there is a social injustice. They bond together to voice their feelings and opinions. On a large scale, people often feel anger when they are frustrated - when they want something and aren't getting it, when they feel they are not being heard, or when they feel that things are unfair. In sum, public anger is a way citizens try to bring justice to their cause.



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    Many feel that anger is the first emotion felt before striking out at someone verbally and/or physically. The emotion that comes first is hurt. The hurt can take the form of feeling disrespected or ignored. The hurt can also trigger feelings of abandonment. One of the first steps of dealing with anger is to understand the hurt that precedes it and then learn to be self-aware of all that comes before you fly into a rage. Individual therapy will help you to understand where your triggers originated and how they operate. Then you will not only be able to manage your anger; you will be happier as well.

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