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What are the most active muscles in the body?

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    The most active muscles in your body aren't the ones in your legs, back, or arms; they're the ones in your eyes. Your eyes have over 2 million working parts and the ability to process 36,000 bits of information every hour (that's a lot of information; to put it in perspective, 36,000 is about the number of people who fit in a sold-out Fenway Park in Boston).

    What's more, your eyes are always moving-even when they're not open (remember, REM sleep stands for rapid eye movement). That makes your eyes one of your body's most powerful tools.

    It's so powerful, in fact, that many cultures have used the eyes as symbols of power. There's the evil eye, which is described by many cultures as having such a mystical quality that you can inflict malice on someone through a gaze. There's the center of a hurricane (while the actual eye of a hurricane is a relatively calm place, the most violent weather occurs right outside of it). And let's not forget the ultimate measurement of perfection for an archer or dart-thrower-a bull's eye.
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