What should I consider before selecting an exercise?

There are several things to consider in choosing an exercise.
  1. Consider your overall goals and objectives. Do you want to get a foundation of strength to build on for the future? Are you looking to improve performance for an activity or sport? To benefit a sport, your exercise selection should focus on the muscles involved in that sport in the way they're used. Golf, for instance, requires power and core strength. 
  2. Consider any limitations you may have. Do you have any joint or muscle conditions that affect the type of exercise you should be doing? The ideal exercises for losing weight or improving bone density, for instance, may not work for you if you have some joint issues. Your exercise selection needs to be a compromise that provides the most advantages and eliminates or reduces disadvantages. 
  3. Consider your realistic time for exercise. Some exercises will provide bigger benefits for you. Exercises that target major muscle groups will give you more benefits. If you're limited on time you'll want to choose exercises that provide the biggest rewards in the time that you have. 

Before selecting an exercise, you should determine if it is appropriate for you, and if it will help you reach your end–goal. If you’re choosing an exercise just for the sake of doing it, you may be wasting movement, energy, and time.

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