How should I approach summer exercising?

Well your approach to summer when you are working out can be very different on where you live.  If you like me who lives in AZ you know how hot it can get and your workout will have to change because of it.  Now if you are planning for a more outside type of workout remember a few things.  One is sunblock which a lot of people tend to forget.  Second is water as you will get dehydrated a lot quicker.  So during the summer months drink at least 64-96 oz a day.  Now with summer there are a lot of things you can do to change up your workout routine.  For one you can get involved in sports like volleyball, soccer, swimming or even tennis to change things up.  Instead of hitting the gym hit the trails.  A good trail run or mountain bike quest would be another great workout.  Just remember in these summer months to listen to your body when you are outside.  Don't over do it or you could pay the price like drhydration, heat exhaustion or cramps.

Summer exercising should be approached with some preparation and planning. The summer months are synonymous with high temperatures and bright sunshine and consequently increased risk for dehydration and heat stroke.

There are several ways to help prevent dehydration and heat illness including;

  1. Pace Yourself
  2. Wear appropriate clothing
  3. Wear sunscreen
  4. Consume 14 to 22 ounces (1.75 to 2.75 cups) of fluid 2 hours before exercise
  5. Drink 6 to 12 ounces of fluid for every 15 to 20 minutes of exercise
  6. Avoid hot meals and heavy meals before exercise because they add heat to your body
  7. Take frequent breaks
  8. If training outside, find a shady area if possible
  9. Use the buddy system and monitor others as well as yourself

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