Should I take weight loss pills to get to race weight?

Not only will weight loss pills not help,recent research has shown that some popular diet pills are actually very dangerous. The list of banned weight loss products now includes a total of 69 products. The dangers include liver damage and possible death. The best way to get down to race weight or a bathing-suit body is to create a negative caloric balance (so you take in less than you are burning). Up to a 500 kcal reduction can result in 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week. Stay with it and you will be at race weight the safe and effective way!
I do not suggest any weight loss pills at all.  These stimulates are not the healthiest thing for you.  Stimulates mess your heart rate which can cause severe health problems or even death.  You can easily lose the weight you want to from 1-3 pounds per week by having a deficit per day of 500-1500 calories.  Just monitoring what you are eating compared to what you are burning will keep you on the right track and the healthiest way to do it.

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