How should I prepare if I want to complete a good, dynamic workout?

To prepare for a good, dynamic workout, create a workout plan that incorporates flexibility, total-body exercises, and resistance exercises for most individual body parts. A great resistance training system that accomplishes this is called vertical loading. This system is simply comprised of resistance exercises for all major body parts beginning at the top of your body and working your way down. To create a vertically loaded workout plan, include exercises for the following body parts in the order listed.

  1. Total-body exercise
  2. Chest
  3. Back
  4. Shoulders
  5. Biceps
  6. Triceps
  7. Legs

Since it is important to begin your workout with flexibility exercises to prepare your muscles for the work ahead, feel free to modify your workout if there are time constraints by eliminating one or two of the groups above. Include a cool-down that incorporates static stretching exercises and some light, aerobic activity to help your body recover.

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